About Us

About Us

Palmer & Palmer is a progressive, professionally managed, unitary IP enterprise set up in Ahmedabad to assist you in copyright, trademark, patent and design registration and legal in the simplest and most convenient manner. We are committed to provide our clients the most practical means of safeguarding their interests through relevant government departments with mutual benefit and cost-effectiveness.

We firmly believe that the success of an organization whether new or of long standing depends prominently on the satisfaction of its clients. Hence our prime focus is to maintain a personal as well as professional approach in providing our clients an all in all legal advice and assistance convenient for their financial and commercial activities such as their business transactions, domestic and international marketing, licensing, manufacturing, etc along with patent, trademark, Design and copyright filings for the same.

We pride in having a long-time experience and suitable resources to deal with each aspect of the registration and legal services (such as handling the various IP queries, matter etc.) through specific data bases. Our enterprise is backed by some highly qualified and trained professionals who specialize in providing the best legal services for the fortification of our client’s interests.

With Palmer and Palmer, you get all kinds of legal solutions for a quick, hassle-free safeguard of your business assets through IPR activities (patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs) under one roof.


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