Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration


Copyright is a government granted right exclusively for creators of original piece of work such as a literary, musical or such artistic works and also of cinematographic films and sound recordings. The right includes right to reproduce, adapt and translate and the use and distribution of the works created solely for the benefit of their creator.

The ultimate aim of acquiring a copyright is the protection of creativity of writers, artists, designers, musicians and other such creative people and thereby encouraging them to create more.


  • Since no one can copy a copyrighted work, the creator can enjoy full benefit and credit and also maintain its originality.
  • As per the Copyright Act, the Register of Copyrights (where the details of the work are entered on registration) is the prima facie evidence in all courts.
  • It is a cognizable offence to use a copyrighted work without the permission of the creator
  • The owner of the work can reproduce the work in any material form including storing of it in any medium such as electronic means, etc.
  • The creator of a computer program can sell or give on hire, any copy of the computer program.


  • Name of copyright applicant, address, nationality and particulars of the copyright applicant
  • Description of copyright work
  • Statement of further particulars
  • Nature of applicant’s interest in copyrighting the work
  • Title of  copyright work
  • Details of publication of work, if published, including name, address, nationality of publishers
  • Details as to owners of various rights in the work comprising the copyright, including extent of their right and particulars of assignment and license, if any
  • Name, address, nationality of other persons, if any authorised to assign or license the work comprising the copyright
  • Location of work including name, address, nationality of person in possession of work, in case of an artistic work and completion of year in case of architectural work
  • 5 copies of the work (physical form or electronic form)


Copyright registration is valid for almost entire life of the holder, 60 plus life time.


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